October 17, 2010
Fantastico to celebrate Columbus Day this week with the Italian-American Club of Lansing. I was provided an opportunity to talk about Coraggio! Lessons for Living from an Italian Grandmother and the coraggio (courage) held by our ancestors in leaving their native land of Italy to come to America and start a new life. My grandfather and grandmother came to United States at a young age and without knowing the English language, but set forth believing in a better life and hoping for a better future. They brought with them examples of people who had little material wealth and a lot of adversity, but nonetheless lived in cherishment of family and celebration of life.
There was a family in attendance at the luncheon celebrating the 100 year anniversary of their grandfather/great-grandfather coming from Italy. They acknowledged that the lives of all the people at their table in Lansing, MI, USA, were made possible by this one man’s courage.
On Columbus Day as we remember the men who courageously set forth determined to find a new world and discovering a continent we call home, we also gratefully remember the family members who gave up the safety of familiarity with their current life to forge a life of endless possibility in a new land – and in doing so provided us opportunity to partake of all the good this great nation holds.