Pane di Pasqua Nonna & Grandpa Gigliotti 1970

 Pane di Pasqua for a BUONA PASQUA!

Photo of Nonna and Grandpa Gigliotti with “Pane di Pasqua” (traditional Italian Easter bread)

Nonna baked the Easter holiday bread, delicately sweet with anise seed; adding golden raisins and almonds.  After the yeast dough rose, she braided it in a ring, with raw eggs nestled in the braid, before baking.

Easter was an important holiday in our Italian family, as important as Christmas, the day-filled with church and family feast. The Pane di Pasqua edible work of art was the centerpiece for our Easter dinner table all the years she was alive. Nonna included an egg for each family member and before leaving the feasting table the braid was broken and each family member received the colorful egg, now hard-baked, and surrounded by the lusciously soft, specialty bread.

(In Nonna Gigliotti’s kitchen, 1970s).