Celebrating a new www.WithCourageICan.com website in time to honor Mother’s Day and the inspirational examples of courage my Nonna, Mother, and Nagymama showed me. Those lessons formed the Coraggio Book Series theme: Be Happy ~ Be Healthy ~ Take Charge of Your Attitude ~ Take Charge of Your Health ~ Have No Excuses ~ Have a Gratitude Attitude.

Check out the 30 to 60 second videos for each of the books and a 5th as overview of the Coraggio message. http://www.withcourageican.com/about/  I humbly ask: Would you share the WithCourageICan.com website with friends and those you believe might need a dose of Coraggio inspiration and hope? Would you like this page if you haven’t already? http://www.withcourageican.com/about/

Mille grazie to http://soandco.net/ Digital for exhibiting its mission of passion to foster a society of harmony through web design, and to https://innersunrise.com/ for the web designer referral as well as for tools for tranquility while moving throughout the website build.