Author Bio

Lisa Gigliotti is an attorney who has lived for more than twenty-five years with severe rheumatoid arthritis and serious myasthenia gravis. Through those years’ thirteen major surgeries and use of a wheelchair Lisa has maintained a fulfilling and positive life. Lisa has achieved successful careers as an administrative law judge, a policy advisor for the Michigan state senate and governor, an advocate for people with disabilities and for improving end-of-life care, and is dedicated to helping others lead more fulfilling lives. In pursuit of the latter, Lisa spends her free time giving enthusiastic, inspiring talks to groups large and small, describing her Italian-American upbringing and how Coraggio—courage—is the common trait that enables Old World characters to trek resiliently through hardship and suffering.

Her book Coraggio! Lessons for Living from an Italian Grandmother Despite Illness, Pain, and Loss is the first book in a series of Coraggio! books and covers lessons One to Three. Based on Old World principles, the first three lessons teach that no matter how hopeless a situation, there is always some aspect of it within your control and that can positively influence your health, your medical treatment, your attitude, and your life fulfillment. By explaining the importance of loving yourself and others, Coraggio! illustrates how courage-inspired love can benefit your health and improve your relationships.

Pain Management – A Life Of Courage

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